Taking Thermal Cookers to Kosovo

Format Video

Back in 1999 Kosovo was in the news every day but as time has gone on, other conflicts in the world have taken over the front page.

This is a video I made out there showing how Richard and Peters work in Kosovo to help the people who are still struggling to come to terms with what happened.

If you would like to get involved with the Thermal Cooker project please contact Peter at “Cooking For Everyone” by writing to him at peterball7@googlemail.com

Jack Hargreaves Channel 4 Old Country Promo

Format Video

Old Country (formally Out of Town) with Jack Hargreaves was produced by me at Lacewing Productions and broadcast on Channel 4 between 1983 and 1985. There were three series of 20 programmes per series and 3 series. This is a promo I made for series II when it was released on DVD in 2016.

Copies of the Old country series are available from http://mrdscookware.com/category/dvds/

Barry Sheene exclusive Interview for Bike Rider 1982

Format Video

This video magazine programme presented by Brian Wolfe in Capital Radios Flying Eye as he flew over London was produced by me Dave Knowles in 1982 and contains an exclusive and never seen interview with Barry Sheene in his house near Gatwick airport. In the interview with Nick Harris Barry tells you how he got into racing and what it is like to race against greats like Kenny Roberts.

Also in the video is a piece with Graham Noyce ( a former motocross world champion from Hampshire, England) on how to become a successful Moto X rider.

There is also a report by John Nutting (who was editor of Which Bike) on the CX 500 Turbo which was newly released when we made the programme and the life of a dispatch rider in London during the 1980’s.

The programme ends with a riders eye view of a trip round Brands Hatch. This was shot using the original camera mount used on the David Essex film Silver Dream Racer.